Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When Was the Last Time I Did a Meme?

A really long time ago, I'm thinking, because I have no recollection of it. I found this Music History Meme over at Anastasia's, and I shall do it while my dinner cooks! Hurrah!

Note: "genre" refers to the marketing/mainstream-media label that would be assigned to the band, not the label (or lack of label) that real fans or the band itself would claim.

1. What's your earliest music memory?
Hmm. Well, I suppose first I should note that I had really young parents, so rock/pop music was part of my life from before I can remember. I know I loved the song "Cat's in the Cradle" as a toddler; I also have a memory of being at the ice rink when I was about 5, stopping in the middle of the ice because Linda Rondstadt's "You're No Good" came on, and giving an impromptu performance of it.

2. What's the first pop song you remember hearing?
First pop song: Chic's "Le Freak." I had aunts who were teenagers and who loved the disco:)

3. What's the first rock song you remember hearing?
I honestly am not sure. Let's just say that Foreigner, Heart, and the Rolling Stones featured heavily in my childhood. Particular favorites were: "Cold As Ice," "Barracuda," and "Sympathy for the Devil."

4. What's the first classical music piece you remember hearing?
Probably something ridiculous like the 1812 Overture. I'm a total classical music philistine.

5. What's the first piece/song you remember that doesn't fit into those genres?
Johnny Cash, my friends, Johnny Cash. I LOVED the Man in Black from about ages 3-5. I'd say my favorite song was Folsom Prison Blues because of the train part at the beginning. I also had a record called "The Sleepy Town Train," so clearly I was into things with trains. Also, there are all the little kid songs I loved. One favorite went: "A peanut sat on a railroad track/His heart was all a-flutter!/Along came the 6:15,/Toot! Toot! Peanut butter!" Told ya I liked trains (and also, apparently, violence). :)

6. What's the first album/cd you bought for yourself/you asked your parents to buy for you?
Michael Jackson's Thriller

7. What's a favorite song from grade school?
PYT by Michael Jackson. Best. Michael. Jackson. Song. Ever.

8. A song that reminds you of school dances?
"Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. I went to a classic-rocky sort of high school.

9. Which genre do you listen to most now? ("Most" can mean you have one more song in that genre than in any of the others)
Uhhh.... alternative? Indie? Something like that.

10. Which favorite song/album/piece from your musical history are your readers least likely to know?
Any songs/albums put out by bands I went to see in grad school, all of which are now defunct, as far as I know. You gotta love the Cambridge/Somerville music scene ca. 1997-2001 :)

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Melissa said...

Thriller was also my first album.....with the Michael centerfold with the tiger cub. lbphlhsact