Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Bag of Crap for Charity

I have reorganized my closet.


And I probably should have gotten rid of more than I did, but as it is, I've gotten rid of a GREAT deal.

It also appears that I have one shirt and one pair of shoes that are missing. I must call my mom and ask her if I've left them there. I also must look and see if perhaps I left both in a suitcase or something. Or maybe my closet ate them?

Now it's time to deal with the kitchen and then I will be d-o-n-e. As I said in an email to my friend A., life's too short to clean this much.

But so what else? I'm not going to the gym today because of the cleaning extravaganza, but as I've been working up a sweat, I feel that this is ok. And so tomorrow I will embark on the work-work that I've been ignoring for the past week, for really I have a lot that I need to do. I do think, however, the week of just focusing on my crap and not focusing on the life of the mind stuff has been really rejuvenating. Perhaps this is why I don't break down and hire a cleaning person - that there's something so satisfying about eradicating one's own filth. This is not to say I like cleaning, for I do not. But I do like the sense of accomplishment when the cleaning is done.

Ok, back to it!

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