Friday, May 25, 2007

Slogans of Vagina Power

  • At least he didn't come over to your house, eat all your food, fuck you twice, and then leave.
  • A: "Because I am secretly like Crazy."
  • Crazy: "USA. USA. USA."
  • If you have premarital sex, Jesus will give you a yeast infection. If you keep doing it, next time the Holy Spirit will give you gonorrhea. (This one's courtesy of A.'s Catholic neighbor.)
  • A: "You would fuck him if it were the apocalypse. Like if there were a plague of locusts outside your door, you would fuck him."
  • All I need is Sam Jackson and a radiator.
  • A: "There's only a couple of years to rock these bad boys out."
  • A: "We had some relations with roommates. But not at the same time. Like not that first night." Crazy: "Not at the same time? Oh, yeah, because I'm a whore." A: "Oh, well also I was on my lady time. And I was Virginy McVirginson."
  • BFF: "Lady Time is great because it's also like Hammer Time."
  • It's like a moth to a flame!
  • Crazy: "It's Law 49: I'm a Fucking Retard."
  • Crazy: "Oh God, we're out of the Pinot Grigio!" A: "Well, open up the red!" Crazy: "Ok, I'm drinking this out of the white wine glass." A. and BFF: "Well that's Vagina Power!"
  • "Voila! Breakfast is served!"
  • A: "I will make my plans happen. Because it's the Vagina Power."
  • Friend from High School: "Your family wears its Crazy like a badge of courage."
  • "A is for Awesome."
  • A: "You know what? It's the Barb/Nancy Conundrum. I'll explain it to you later."
  • Right Place, Right Time, Last Call.
  • Crazy: "We all date below our class at some pont, A."
  • "Hey! I'm Aaron Reese!"
  • "There's a lot of Vagina Power going on."
  • Crazy and A. "Here's to no more shit!"

Ok, look, so the slogans of the weekend are not done. But the slogans of the night are enough, as we need to call weirdo boys on the phone. So, make do with these slogans. We shall provide some more on the morrow.


AAYOR said...

This really makes me miss Cheeky....

I'm so jealous of the VPW2007!

Anonymous said...

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