Saturday, May 26, 2007

And the weekend continues...

Hello all it is A. again. Crazy and I are continuing the Vagina Power Weekend 2007. Here's an update!

So since Crazy last posted we have done the following:

  • Ran errands - first to the wine store because tragically we seemed to, I guess, lose - well technically that isn't the right word but, ok, drank all of the wine. So we concocted a story that we were going to a party in case we got the weirdy look from the clerks if they happened to work yesterday.
  • Went to the grocery store to get some other essentials one might require for such a weekend. So Crazy already mentioned pizza which we did get but, I also had a BRILLIANT idea for other munchies. One word - Combos..... Pepperoni Pizza Cracker flavor. If one has not eaten them clearly they sound disgusting but, on the contrary they are delicious. We also loaded up on humus, pita chips, ranch flavored pretzel bites, mega peanut M&M's (note: Crazy feels the chocolate to peanut ratio is off) those strawberry shortcake bars like the ones you could buy in elementary school.
So we have already noshed on many of the treats but, as it is early here we didn't want to put ourselves in a food coma that would later sabotage other important efforts of the evening. Crazy and are also examining our various states of sunburn which all resemble some shade of lobster or "summer whore" pink. This is no surprise, because again it's been happening for the past ten years. We like to think of this shade of pink that we achieve as "our base."

Interruption from Crazy: Ok, if we were to call my mom right now the first thing that she would do would be to lecture us for being total idiots, and the second thing she would do is tell us to do something like take a bath in vinegar because, as Crazy's Mom (who is not an MD but an F-R-A-U-D who likes to dispense free medical advice that usually takes the form of bizarre home remedies using household items to cure any manner of ailment, malaise, disease, or infection) would probably argue, "It takes the heat out."

I should also mention about the activities at the pool, which began with some disappointment because the grown-up pool was closed so these two fabulous single ladies were forced into the dreaded "family pool" area. For anyone not familiar with this sort of place let me just say there were a lot of small children and BIG mamas out there in various states of swimming costumes.... So we had a routine of getting really hot and letting all of the alcohol sweat out of our pores and then getting in the pool while trying to successfully dodge small children trying to initiate strange conversations. We also also seemed to have hilarious conversations while in the water referencing Vagina Power and the like putting us in serious danger of drowning even though we are both good swimmers. Thus relegating us primarily to the edge of the pool where we ran into the oddly talkative children. I mean seriously: is there no such thing as "Stranger Danger" anymore? There was also some dude who felt it appropriate to bring his pet snake out...what the hell? Upon laying poolside Crazy and I also tried to determine which of the other pool-goers were retarded. Because we seriously think some were. Really...

So that's our update on VP Weekend 2007. More later since I know you are all on the edge of your seat!

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Dr. Medusa said...

Hi girls! I am sure the Saturday Evening Vagina Power is in full swing by now, but I wanted to suggest a little something for the agenda. If you are not already aware, the Real World Las Vegas marathon is on MTV at this very moment. The beautiful retards are really laying down some profound truths (e.g. "to be kind is to be very unique in this world, and I had to come to Las Vegas to learn that), as well as demonstrating all the various types of vagina power and penis power. Enjoy Vagina Power Weekend Saturday Night 2007!