Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Keys? Who Needs Keys?

Ok, so this afternoon I went and got a haircut (just a trim - we're perfecting the style), I went to the gym, while at the gym I skimmed that article I'm reviewing and then the plan was to go to the grocery store for supplies and then home to clean my bathroom. It was going to be great. I went to the grocery store. I loaded up my cart. I went through the line and paid.

Then I looked for my keys. No dice.

I believe (though I have not yet confirmed this) that my keys are locked in the trunk of my car. If this is not true, then I apparently put them on a shelf at the grocery store or something. Ultimately, I called my office at my apt. complex and somebody came to get me with a key so I could get into my apt. They didn't have time to drive me back to the car, though.

So now (because I've not been able to get a hold of any of my peeps on the phone) I'm going to walk the 2 miles to the grocery store in the 85-degree humid and exhaust-ridden rush hour.

I should note that this is by no means the first time I've locked my keys in my car. In college once I locked my keys in the car WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING. I'd estimate that I've locked my keys in the car approximately 7 times since I began driving at 16, or, on average, every 2-3 years. I was also chronically locked out of my house as a teenager because I would forget my keys places.

Update: The keys were not in the trunk of my car. I had, in fact, left them on a shelf while I was shopping. Who does that? Sometimes I'm astonished that I manage to masquerade as a fully functioning adult. Astonished.


Liz said...

I locked my keys in the car with it running once. Went in a Pizza Hut and ate with a bunch of co-workers, then couldn't find my keys. Walked outside, and the car was running.

The History Enthusiast said...

I know the feeling! I once set my keys down on a shelf in a Halloween decorations store without realizing it. I spent a couple hours going through that place, and I even had a couple of the clerks looking too.

Hypatia said...

I locked my keys in the car once. While it was running. After buying a Christmas Tree. In Indiana (in December!). I was new to town.

Yeah that sucked.

But not quite as much as locking my keys in my trunk in Dallas. I had a spare set of keys 2 hours away in my apartment

Sisyphus said...

Gah! on locking/losing keys, and gah! on having to trek through heat and humidity!

Don't the cars know they should open from the mere projections of my mind?

k8 said...

It must be catching. I accidentally locked myself out of my apartment twice this week. Today's lock out wasn't so much a lock out, though. I took some stuff to the recycling bin, dropped my keys by the bin (didn't realize it at the time), entered the building (I had propped the door open), and discovered my apartment locked. I though I was going crazy because I 'knew' I grabbed my keys. After I found someone to let me in, I couldn't find the keys anywhere. I finally went outside (leaving all doors open) and found the keys by the bin. I still feel stupid. Your key loss seems much more understandable.