Friday, May 25, 2007

Only a Little More than 1 1/2 Hours until the Weekend of A. and Crazy!

First of all, can I just say that I feel like "A." should have a better pseudonym? This may be something that needs to be determined this weekend.

But anyway, she's on the road and she will be here in an hour or two! Hurrah! Am so excited! I know you all don't understand this excitement, but we will do our best to convey our awesomeness to the blogosphere in the coming days, so you, my faithful readers, will not be left out. Oh no, you will not. (Though you may wish that you would be, but whatever.)

Now, I need to do some straightening up around the house between now and A.'s arrival, but I'm tragically unmotivated. I did shower and I actually styled my hair - something I've not done in FOREVER. But as A. hasn't seen the hair in person since I got the new cut, I figured that I should make the effort to display it in a way that makes it seem like a good haircut (which it is, but you know, all hair looks better when you, I don't know, brush it).

But anyway, blogging from this point forward promises to be erratic, giddy, and quite possibly insane. Just a friendly warning :)

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