Saturday, May 12, 2007

Friday Night

So, I started this post abortively before because I woke up my cat with my singing along to Sinead O'Connor's song "No Man's Woman," but then I deleted what I'd written because it just wasn't what I wanted to be writing. At any rate, that Sinead - she kicks ass.

But so, I finished the Great Packing of Crazy's Office, which included throwing a TON of shit in the recycling bin, along with packing 3 boxes with paper that I couldn't face going through and filing. At the time, it seemed like it would be best to go through it at the end of the summer. It seemed that way because I hate filing. I have a feeling that these boxes will stay in boxes for a long, long time, until I ultimately toss them into the recycling bin in a similar institutionally inspired purge.

So, now that all this is done, I'm pretty much free until Monday. I don't necessarily need to accomplish anything between now and Monday at approximately 8AM, when I'll need to throw something together for a 10 AM meeting. This is good, right?

In other news, I talked to my itinerant friend Naomi tonight, and I think we're going out or hanging out or something tomorrow night! Hurrah! I've known Naomi since I was 14, and while we're not all-the-time friends, we are true-blue friends. It shall be awesome!

And then on Sunday I'm hanging with BFF and some grad school friends of hers and their kids. That shall be awesome as well.

So yes, apparently I've got some sort of a social life this weekend. One unconnected with lame dates with dudes. Who knew this could be the case?

So yes, apparently it's summer. All of a sudden, summer is happening, and apparently it happens whether I premeditate it or not. I suppose this is a good thing to know.

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