Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What's For Dinner?

I know you're dying to know. Well, first I made one of my favorite things in the whole world - Polish cucumber and onion salad. All it includes is cucumbers, some onion, sour cream and some salt. It is DIVINE.

As for the main course, I'm a bit concerned though that my experiment didn't quite work out. I thought I might attempt to make some approximation of Chicken Tikka Massala, but problematically, I didn't bother to use a recipe and just kind of threw some stuff together. Must go see whether this turns out to be edible.

Ok, I made it too tomato-y, but it's actually kind of delicious. I so love cooking for myself. You just can't be as creative or daring when cooking for others, not unless you have a test kitchen of some kind.

Also, though it might seem odd, the combination of the Polish salad with the Indian-inspired main course actually makes perfect sense on this nearly-90-degree day. My cooking knows no bounds! I bring the foods of the world together in my little (less clean than it was yesterday because of the cooking - gah!) kitchen!

-time passes-

This reminds me that I need to begin thinking about some menu options for the 2 visitors that will show up on my doorstep in the coming weeks. A. and I will probably make some menu decisions together, and cook together, but I do feel like it's nice to have some options in mind. As for visitor #2, Mountain Man, I'm not entirely certain about what his plans are yet, so I'm not sure about whether I even need menu options. (He's swinging through for a visit to me but his actual agenda is to visit family who live nearby.) But so anyway, though, since I don't feel like working on my conference paper, I've got a lot of time on my hands and so I'm thinking that I should prepare menu options even if they aren't needed. You see how it is. I am procrastinating, even though it's summer.

That said, I DID haul my ass to the gym today (even though I REALLY didn't want to go), and I also went to the post office to mail off some things and to buy stupid 2 cent stamps, and I finished that reader's report. So really, even though I feel lazy, I am totally not lazy. And so now I've eaten a healthy dinner, and it's time to make plans for what I will do tonight/tomorrow. After I clean up in the kitchen. And after I take a shower. And then there is American Idol, which I barely care about but which I feel it is my duty to watch.

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Juno Walker said...

I LOVE chicken tikka massala. Unfortunately, I no longer eat chicken :(


P.s. It's a good thing Indian restaurants usually have a plethora of vegetarian dishes :)