Monday, May 28, 2007

VPW 2007 Has Concluded

A. just got in the car to make the journey back home, and our parting, it was bittersweet. Last night was really a mix of the craziness of Friday and the low-key-ness of Saturday - lots of serious conversation about life and love and whatnot, a little bit of phone-talking, and then before-bed conversation in my bed, just like when we were 20. Both of us have come really far since then, had a lot of life experiences that have shaped us and changed us in ways that neither of us could have predicted, but at the end of the day, what this weekend demonstrated is that A. and Crazy are still the same old A. and Crazy. Well, we are a *teensy* bit more sensible now. But not much.

But so now I have to call my mother (whom I will note has already called me once this morning - at 7:45 AM) and return to my daily life. I think I might take a nap before returning to my daily life for real, though.


AcadeMama said...

Let me just say how truly envious I am of the weekend you and A had together.. While I love my family, and I'm married to a wonderful man, part of me wishes I had a *female* BFF with whom I could share a Dr. Crazy and A-style weekend. This should definitely be an annual event, which I would most certainly tune in for again!! :)

Grrrrl Problems said...

Dr. Crazy, I was directed to your VPW by ProfGrrrrl, and I am *incredibly* jealous! I've just called up my own A., a BFF from college, to arrange a VPW for later in the summer. (She's married -- can she still participate in VPW?) So glad that BFFs are stable in a world so screwed up by Penis Power!

Dr. Crazy said...

To be honest, I think it's even MORE important for BFFs who are partnered or married to participate in VPW. It's easy to do a VPW when everybody's footloose and fancy-free and doesn't have some dude and/or kids to worry about. But so rock on, GP! Vaginas rule!

adjunct whore said...

me too, jealous that is...and glad to know that it can and should be done even if--especially if--partnered with chilis.

i'm scheduling one myself with high school bff.