Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ok, Now We Feel Bad

Hello, all! A. and Crazy here. (I'm doing the post because I'm a quicker and more accurate typist than A., but she is here and consulting with me on this post.)

So anyway, sometimes when the two of us get together we get a bit petulant and hostile. We blame the hostility of the morning on the Combos and the sunburns. Of course, this did not stop us from going to the pool for a bit (we took care not to cook the burnt bits, but rather focused our attention on the other areas). Also, we suspect that we will be in an even more chipper mood later in the day, for this afternoon we are meeting up with A.'s sister Earth Mama and her three kids (who are in town visiting their paternal grandparents) for some good times with the kiddies.

But so yes, we should also note that we love the blog people, and we will not deny you tales from this, the final day/night, of VPW 2007. Really, we lashed out at you because we sent some text messages that have not received responses, indeed, they may not have been read, and we feel that this is lame. But so we apologize blog people. That said, look, we need comments! We need to know that you are enjoying our efforts to include you in the VPW! It's really important! Constant affirmation! That's what we need!

But so now we must take showers and go to meet Earth Mama and the kiddies. More later! And thanks for reassuring us!


Anonymous said...

Here's another comment lest you spit ya doomer out again! ;)

Nik said...

I had a barbecue to attend but now I'm nervous that if I don't stay here and comment, the whole Dr. Crazy & A machine will wither. A bit hubristic on my part but bbq cancelled nonetheless :)

Dr. Medusa said...

That's right, simma down na.

Propter Doc said...

Would it be totally rude of me to say that having been reading this weekend (I rarely comment), I think your pseudonym makes perfect sense now...?

Have fun.

Propter Doc said...
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Earnest English said...

I live to affirm you, Dr. Crazy and A! You two are my new favorite people. I think it is very mean of you two to NOT be in my town and deny me your presence and great fun! Surely I could use a bit of VP at this time, having turned in my diss to my readers -- and where are you? Out having a good time WITHOUT ME! The least you could do is blog about it so I feel included and not so lame. I send you two mucho affirming vibes.