Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Ok, so I've not really been doing the blogging first in order to warm up for my day thing since the academic year ended, but I feel like I need to do that today if I have any hope of getting substantial work done on this conference paper today, which it becomes clear I really need to do because I may have something come up in the next few days that means I won't be able to work on the conference paper later rather than sooner. As I give the paper in just over a week, I really should knock the thing out today and tomorrow, so as not to be writing it the night before I give it.

I did do some planning last night, and I think I'm saying something interesting (maybe just regular interesting but incredibly interesting to me). The structure is starting to take shape in my head, and I do think that I will be able to turn this paper into something provocative, evocative, whatever. I'm NOT certain about how the ideas will be received, but they do build on the ideas I'm exploring in other areas of my research, and I really think that what I'm talking about here is something that adds to the discussion of this talked-to-death novel.

So yes, I have to work on the paper for at least three hours today. That's the pact I've made with myself. In addition, I'm going to go to the pool for a bit (sunburn has dissipated - see, A. and I totally were right about the "our base" thing!) and to the gym (made five new playlists last night for gym-going to help to inspire me) to read for my other conference paper next month, and to obsess about things over which I have no control. Yes, obsessing is on the list of things to do, because that's just the way I roll.

You know, I hate the Tuesday after a holiday weekend even when I'm on summer break.

Update: Well. So I have already gone to the gym, and now it's time to go to the pool, where I will take work so as not to waste time just by lying around but where I will actually think while lying around and basking in the cancer-causing rays of the sun. And yes, this counts as productivity. It is summer, after all.


Earnest English said...

How did you manage to get up so early after all that Vagina Power? Surely, it sounded like something one would need a couple days to recover from! Now we're both back to work!

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, I had a full day of relaxing and went to bed early on Monday, so that is how I was able to become motivated before noon today. Also, the vagina power, even as it is exhausting, is also rejuvenating.