Sunday, May 27, 2007

Random Bullets of the Final Night of VPW 2007

  • The Emotional Cave-Dweller of the Day Award goes to Accidental Husband, for not only did he call us this afternoon, but opened the door for us to call him this evening. AH is fabulous. We love him.
  • Right now, A. is on the phone with Crazy Jonathan. He's a pseudo-ex of A.'s, and he truly is crazy (though not in the good way that I'm Crazy), but it is indeed a boon that he called, as we didn't even know how we'd evaluate the world anymore if he didn't respond to us. I mean, if you can't get a crazy pseudo-ex to respond, whoever will? That said, A. just said on the phone to him, "are you talking to your girlfriend's dog or are you talking to me?" And now they're arguing. N-i-i-i-c-e. Ooh! A. just hung up on him! Vagina Power!
  • I did hear from the lap-dance-receiver. He apparently went to a man-spa with his imaginary friend today. While he is not the Emotional Cave-Dweller of the Day, I do think he's fabulous.
  • We're on the computer now in order to finalize the Empowerment for A. Mix. This has been dubbed by AH the "Thank God for Vaginas Mix," before we ever conceived of Vagina Power Weekend. Now, Vaginal Power Weekend came about because the lap-dance-receiver alerted me to the Vagina Power things on the Internet. This makes both A. and I a bit uncomfortable, as it means that the Vagina Power comes from the Patriarchy, but we've decided that we're going to ignore that fact and instead appropriate the patriarchally inspired Vagina Power and make it our own. But still we're uncomfortable.
  • We still feel really badly about chastising our readers for not commenting. We feel as if we've terrorized you a bit, and that is just so uncool, as we really do love you all. Again, though, this is part of the A. and Crazy Special Time. We are both fabulous and sort of assholes. We apologize.
  • You might be interested to note that we are out of wine. We are now drinking the Fake Lemon Iced Tea from a Powder. This depresses us.
  • Puff Daddy and the Family RULES. In the words of Lil' Kim, "Get your own shit! Why you ridin' mine?"
  • In other news, I did buy some things today. I bought two pairs of sunglasses from Forever 21, and I also bought a great slutty tanktop. I'm quite pleased with my purchases.
  • But yeah, so we've had some very quality A. and Crazy time. I'm not even sure how to write about this, because we exceed the constraints of language. Really and truly. You've only experienced a pale reproduction of our awesomeness.

Perhaps more later, though what that might include I've no idea. Though I should probably add that A.'s new name (in honor of her sunburn) is "Fire-Tits."

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~profgrrrrl~ said...

If lap-dance-receiver is a certain someone who I also know, then he was alerted to vagina power by yours truly, returning the true power to the vagina. :)

And yes, I'm up at 2:19 am because of a certain DG. Hooray. But now it is time to go to bed.