Thursday, May 31, 2007

Because Apparently When I Am Productive, I Blog

So far today I have:
  • taken kitty to get his nails clipped. Problematically, there are a bunch of baby kitties currently hanging at the Vet. One was a little moo-kitty like my childhood cat Penelope, and one was a little white kitty and one was a calico. But there is one kitty in particular (a little gray and white baby kitty with blue eyes who was all purry and "I LOVE you, Crazy!" and who was Mr. (or Ms., not sure) I shall mark you with my little mouth and court your affections) that made me feel like, "hey, should I be a person who gets another kitty?" But then, when the Man-Kitty's nails were done, I took the Man-Kitty over to introduce him to the sweet baby kitty and the Man-Kitty didn't seem too interested. And I know I shouldn't be a two-cat person, and especially not when I'm about to leave town for July, leaving the M-K with my parents. So anyway, my heart is broken, but I suspect Sweet Baby Kitty is a whore and will do just fine without being rescued by Crazy.
  • tricked myself into going to the gym by going to the bank next to the gym.
  • tricked myself into working out for a full half hour with various fake bargains that I made with myself. It occurs to me that this strategy was not unlike the strategy I used to make myself do my math homework when I was 9.
And so now I'm off to the pool, and then I'm off to food and the movies with BFF. Will I do work today? It is difficult to know. I have high hopes, though, since I've been so good about doing the other things on my list. Feeling sleepy - must head to pool before I end up deciding to take a nap in the home instead of to bask and doze in the sunshine.


Sisyphus said...

Ooh, more kitties! Too bad there isn't a "Cats of the Month" club where you can rent different kinds and exchange them for cuter ones.

Um, of course, not that I would ever _do_ that (scuze me while I propitiate my own kitties.)

And I was just telling my students that they should have their own superego and not need me to force them to write their papers on time, but, I have the same problems, so ... whatever works, works.

Professor Zero said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who purposefully uses the pool for naps. Naps in home are not nearly so much fun. Sometimes I also go to the gym, and don't work out but just sit in the steam room. :-)