Monday, May 21, 2007

Tra La La! I Don't Have to Go Any Place!

Well, my readers, good morning! I am feeling awfully chipper, even though last night I had a bit of a difficult time sleeping, and I am looking forward to finishing with the Spring Cleaning. It promises to be a long day, but, well, some days have to be long in order to have things the way that one wants them.

So, what else is going on with me? Well. Hm. Not too much, actually. I talked to A. yesterday and all is smoothed over with her and her Accidental Husband. I also talked to my mom, who drives me nuts but who really is fantastic, to Kelly, to Julie - yes, I talked to all of the people in my Inner Circle of Phone-Talking except for BFF. Oh, and it's also come to my attention recently that there's been a new and unexpected addition to the ICoPT, and I talked to that person, too.

My eyes are watering like crazy - must go take some allergy meds. I shall, during the final throes of my cleaning extravaganza, try to determine a topic for a post that will delight and entertain you all more than my recent ones have done. Wish me luck!

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