Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spring Cleaning 2007

My name is Dr. Crazy, and I am a filthy pig. Well, not really, but nothing like spring cleaning to train one's gaze on the stuff to which one normally turns a blind eye. The sad thing is that on Day 2 of Spring Cleaning 2007 I am approximately a day and a half behind. Clearly, I lack motivation. Part of the problem is that not only am I cleaning but also I'm weeding crap out and organizing crap. Paper crap, crap my mother brings into this house on every visit (like BOX-LOADs of things like kitchen towels and such), crap I buy and then forget I bought and so then rebuy it or decide I should buy a slightly different version (razor blades, toothpaste, hair products....).

If I can successfully deal with the bathroom and get started on my bedroom closet today, I shall be pleased. Of course, it's 3:26, so this is not at all a sure thing.

In other news, I've decided not to work out today, even though my aim was to work out every day this week, because I effectively worked out twice yesterday, what with the Walk to the Keyless Car. This should be good for cleaning, but I still feel irritated by this change in plans. Maybe I'll go for a walk in the evening once I'm done-ish with cleaning?

Ok, back to work!

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Horace said...

Oh, Man. I love a good cleaning job. Nothing puts off the real work better, and sounds legit at the same time. Not even working out twice in one day.

Have fun!