Saturday, May 26, 2007

Random Bullets of Hung Over - Vagina Power Weekend 2007

Hello, readers. It's me, Crazy, again. A. is in the shower at the moment, but I promise that she will blog again later. So, in no particular order:
  • It has been decreed that VPW will be an annual event, to take place each year over the Memorial Day weekend, until A. and I are old ladies. We spoke with another friend J. today, who just happens to be celebrating VPW 2007 with her friend Shirley in Miami, and so it occurs to A. and I that we must come up with a plan to spread VPW to cover the nation, nay, the world, in various locations for next year. So call up your best friends, ladies, and make your plans for VPW 2008. (Men will be relegated to such activities as playing golf, fishing, watching professional sports, and drinking large amounts of liquor while they miss their special ladies.)
  • A. and I spent some time reminiscing about our New Year's resolutions from 1997. It occurs to us that we failed at them all and that we're still assholes 10 years later.
  • We've decided an integral part of VPW will be a grocery-store bought pizza, so that neither of us has to call to order it.
  • We are also having a hard time believing that it's only around 3 PM. It's been a long 24 hours. We might need to nap, as last night what we called "sleep" really was more like "passing out."
  • I wonder who we'll call on the phone tonight. We learned after breakfast that we had called A.'s ex-boyfriend last night and left him a message. That was a surprise.
  • Oh, and we also determined A.'s "signature law" from the 48 laws of power: Hers is Law 25, "Re-Create Yourself." For those of you who don't recall, mine is Law 17, "Keep Others Suspended in Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability."
  • So, our activities today included 1) breakfast, 2) laughter, 3) lounging poolside as well as some dips in the pool, 4) watching What Not to Wear, 5) trying to reconstruct our movements from last night, 6) showering. On the agenda for this evening is 1) a trip to the grocery store, 2) a trip to the wine store (for clearly what we need is more alcohol), 3) watching some Sex and the City, and 4) communicating with the outside world through various media, including text messages, telephone calls, emails, and blog posts.

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Doctor Pion said...

I have been LOL catching up with your blog. I'll just insert my, er, comment here.

This Memorial Day weekend, with three automobile races on the same day (Sunday) spread across two continents, is perfect for a world wide VPW.