Monday, May 21, 2007

SO CLOSE! But Yet So Far

Ok, so I should just be finishing the kitchen. I should, but I am running out of steam. Even though I'm REALLY close to being done with Spring Cleaning 2007.

So. What have I accomplished today?
  • Closet reorganization.
  • Yet another bag of crap from the closet for charity.
  • Reorganization of kitchen cabinets, which resulted in a full garbage bag of stuff I disposed of as well as a full box of stuff for charity.
  • Removed magnets from refrigerator
  • Cleaned out freezer.
What do I need to accomplish in order to feel like Spring Cleaning 2007 is done?
  • Clean microwave.
  • Clean inside of refrigerator section of refrigerator
  • Clean entire outside of refrigerator
  • Clean counters (didn't do that yesterday)
  • Clean sink
  • Clean top of stove (have given up on oven)
  • Sweep and mop floor.
The problem is, I don't want to do any of these things. I want to bail on Spring Cleaning 2007. But dammit, I don't want to have to continue SC2007 tomorrow! I want to be done! Or at least done-ish (still need to vacuum the whole place, but can do that any old time, I feel, and also I need to organize socks and tights into some form that makes sense, i.e., not the laundry basket into which all currently are thrown). You know what the problem is? Cleaning sucks. Maybe I'll play around on the internet for 20 minutes with the timer on and then get back to it. Yes, this seems like a plan.

What this means is that all that is left to do is to take out the trash, to vacuum tomorrow as well as to do some organizing odds and ends that I didn't believe constituted necessary actual cleaning, and it will be like I'm living in somebody else's house! (Of course, those organizational things probably will never happen anyway, so it's ok - it's still my home sweet home.)

So. I just took a shower (for I felt like the scum of the earth upon finishing mopping the floor. By the way, I typically don't say "mopping" the floor. I typically say "washing." I think this might be a regionalism - one that only came to my attention when I lived with my ex and he mocked me for it. So now I'm careful to say "mopping." But then when I was talking to A. over the weekend, she said she was going to "wash" her floor, and so now I'm thinking I might revert to saying "wash" rather than "mop" because dude, what's the big deal?

But so anyway, I am clean and my house is clean. And I'm considering going and buying myself a celebratory bottle of wine. And so now, I am DONE with Spring Cleaning 2007! You won't have to read about cleaning any more for a long, long while! Hurrah!

Oh, and I expanded the musical repertoire today, and I remembered that really, the Very Best Cleaning Music Ever is the Violent Femmes. Over, and over, and over again. Why did I think I could ever complete this task without the Femmes? It was just like cleaning my room in high school! (Except without the bitching of my mother in the background.)

(That said, all of the upheaval seems to have upset the Man-Kitty - he hasn't eaten his dinner. I think he doesn't know what to do with all of the activity around this joint.)


New Kid on the Hallway said...

Cleaning sucks, indeed! I am doing a very slow version of Spring Cleaning myself right now - I figure if I do it slowly enough, it means the place will be clean when I move out ;-) - and yes. Yes, it sucks.

(Slow = I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors and the shower/tub yesterday. Today I, um, ran the dishwasher. Two steps forward, one back, right?)

Apparently cleaning also encourages one to hijack other people's comment boxes... sorry!

Dr. Crazy said...

No need to apologize for hijacking! You did not hijack - you commiserated! And by the way, my usual cleaning MO sounds suspiciously like what you describe above. I'm beginning to think this is why I need to do such massive cleaning once a year :P

luolin said...

Our cats do NOT approve of mopping the floors. Also, one is afraid of the broom, and the other does not like the vacuum.