Wednesday, May 02, 2007

(Not) Grading

I had made this goal about how I was going to finish all of my grading before tomorrow morning, then how I would only have one exam to grade, and then I would be able to post grades by Friday morning, thus being for-real done with the semester. This was my dream.

Only apparently here's how I have chosen to go about making this dream a reality:

  • Upon waking, decide I must go to the mall in order to partake in the Macy's sale where all of the things are 20 percent off. (Biggest score of the day: a GORGEOUS Wacoal bra for which I only paid 20 dollars.)
  • Decide that in this week before my lady time that I must have tacos for dinner and that I have a terrible craving for fake sweetened artificial lemon iced tea. This requires a trip to the grocery store.
  • Watch last week's episode of Gray's Anatomy online, for I didn't watch it last week.
  • Make fake iced tea and tacos.
  • Watch 3 episodes of the Ultimate Coyote show on CMT.
  • Read Allure Magazine purchased at grocery store that has Lindsay Lohan on the cover. Wow, LiLo is really, really screwed up. I'm embarassed for her that she has to be screwed up in public.
  • Glanced at pile of things to be graded, and then decided to write this blog post.
I have high hopes that I might grade something before going to sleep this evening, but this hope may not have any relationship to reality.


negativecapability said...

I watched 3 episodes of the Coyote Ugly show the other day. One of the awful audition people on it was this woman who totally propositioned my boyfriend at work the other day (if you watch carefully, she's the one who says, when asked about her bartending experience, "um..well I start next week"). He didn't believe me so we had to watch it again last night.

Dr. Crazy said...

Oh. My. God. That is so awesome! I can't believe that these people are actual real people! To have confirmation of that is unbelievable! I'll have to do a lengthier post at some point about my bizarre fascination with this show and with the whole "Coyote" ethos.

Andrea said...

Watching that show is my total guilty pleasure. It is just... well, I'd love to see your analysis of it. I find myself suddenly lost for words!

kfluff said...

Sigh. LiLo is having such a hard time. She's all about the "well, I've just learned so much and have become so mature" rhetoric in that article. I think I liked her better when she was embracing her "I'm running around panty-less with all my crazy girlfriends" nature.