Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Productive Evening? Not So Much

So things were going along great. I worked out, I went to the pool, I started thinking about the paper for my conference and making more concrete notes into a word document, I IMed with a friend I've not been in touch with in a while....

And then. The evening, it has become less and less productive because I've got a friend who's stranded in an airport and so I keep having conversations with this friend every 20 minutes or so. I probably shouldn't indulge this friend, but well, I can't seem to help myself. So now I'm thinking that perhaps I should just say screw it with the work and maybe have a glass of wine and just accept that I'll be talking on the phone until I go to sleep tonight. But no! If the friend ever does get to fly home, I'll have time to do work! Ok, let's think: if I drink the wine, will that assist in some work (as it can sometimes) or will it make the work impossible (as it sometimes can)?

And I probably should eat something, because I've not had dinner.

My life is very confusing and hard.

Oh hell, it's summer. I should not have to work at night. So there.

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adjunct whore said...

hee hee....i like being a part of someone else's devolution.