Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vagina Whiners*

*The title of this post is courtesy of Dr. Medusa, whom A. and I rudely did not provide with a shout-out when we were busy telling off the people of cyberspace for not giving us comments. Medusa, who is manifesting her destiny through Vagina Power, did comment last night, and so we must offer her the sincerest thanks.

So yes, it is Crazy and A., and while we have been Vagina Whiners of late, we are now in much better spirits. Today's activities included:
  1. lounging poolside (oh, the stupidity of this)
  2. showering
  3. watching the end of Sixteen Candles and excerpts of Prozac Nation.
  4. meeting up with Earth Mama and the babies of Earth Mama and then doing some shopping (a very important activity for the VPW, although we didn't buy much).
  5. dinner at Panera Bread
  6. And now, drinking some wine. Who knows what the night may bring!
Oh, we also heard from AH while we were at the mall. That was awesome. He also gave us the go-ahead to call him later. Mwahahahaha! And yes, we are approximately 14 years old, plus wine.

In other news, I feel like we laughed about some very important things today but I'm having trouble recalling what they all are. One thing that made us roar with the laughter was our recollection that in our early 20s every night that we got ready to go out we chose a Spice Girl whose style we felt best mirrored our own for the evening. We also would characterize people who seemed too old to be out as things like "Old Spice," and there were other Spice categories, too, like "Ugly Spice," "Whorey Spice," "Slutty Spice" (the distinctions, they are fine), and "Scummy spice." Clearly, we were nerds. As you might suspect from reading this blog, we still are nerds.

Ok, we need to go spend some quality time with one another. But we shall provide further updates as they are necessary. Peace out.

A. and Crazy


~profgrrrrl~ said...

The end of 16 Candles rules! Jake Ryan. Yes, yes yes!!!!

As does the end of Pretty in Pink (when Blaine walks up to Andy and whispers in her ear: I love you. Always.)

Mmm, makes me melt every time.

agradstudent said...

Some affirmation for you:

I just stumbled to your blog, and I thought I would let you know that I unintentionally had a kind of VPW this weekend as well... and it has been amazing... but now I have been left behind... so I got to reading your last few posts and they made me smile.


Addy N. said...

Hey! I had dinner at Panera, too (I had the Greek salad)! I'm sure it wasn't the same Panera, because I know (generally) where you are (and we have millions of those around our area). Sounds like you are having a fun weekend. So sorry not to comment last night (when you were clearly in need of comments). I was too busy watching "Stranger Than Fiction" with my mother-in-law (who is visiting from Distant Country) and sister-in-law. Enjoy the rest of the night!

Virtually Actual said...

I hope tonight's activities include a Vagina Power Hour. I don't know what that would be, exactly--a shot of beer a minute and a drunk dial every 5? But I used to write Before & Afters for Jeopardy, so these things come to me sometimes.