Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm An Ass

Ok, so A. -she has some major life personal shit that means I should not begrudge her the attentions of a boyfriend. And I don't. Even if it is true that I made out with the current boyfreind in question 11 years ago on his 21st birthday, when A. was making out with his cousin. But A. is now happily passed out in my bed (ok, so I was just alerted to the fact that she wasn't so happily passed out, and so I ha d to give her some Hybrasil to ease the passage into sleep, but whatever. The point here is that none of my late-night, long-distance-callers are calling. And I am sitting here drinking wine and feeling sorry for myself because this is the case. So. The question is, do I call one of these boys up? I could. Or I could let it lie, and I could just say fuck off to the whole idea of it. Huh.

I feel like all of these ideas are going against the very idea of Vagina Power.


Virtually Actual said...

I've been there, Dr. C. If it was earlier in the night (and, let's face it, if you were a boy), you'd reassure A. she'll be fine, tell her to sleep well, and head out to the bar. But it's late, nothing's going on, and so the only thing for it is to finish the task of getting properly smashed and pass out.

Dr. Crazy said...

Which is what I did. Good. Day.