Sunday, March 25, 2007

Seven Things Dr. Crazy Loves

  1. A homemade tuna salad sandwich. I generally hate all tuna salad not made by either myself or my mother. This is not unlike how I don't particularly like scrambled eggs unless they are made by either myself or my mother. It's not like these are gourmet dishes, but in order for them to be awesome, you just have to make them with the perfect texture, right? And they also shouldn't have too many ingredients. (God, I hate tuna salad with pickles or pickle relish in it - eeewww.) Same goes for a good grilled cheese sandwich. Anyway, my point here, is that I made some tuna salad for lunch and I'm now having a sandwhich and it is DELICIOUS.
  2. Making progress. Turns out, if one puts one's mind to it, it's not really that hard to do what one sets out to do. Edited to Add: The introduction is DONE!!!! (Ok, not really. I may realize I need to add in a citation or two (though I need to give the thing breathing time until I can tell whether that's true), and I have to monkey with the notes. But there is a beginning a middle and an end, it hangs together as a chapter, I don't have weird "need better transition here" notes to myself, and if somebody somehow got their hands on it without my permission, I'd not be totally embarassed. So yes, it's DONE!).
  3. Anyone who will say to me "you poor thing" when they hear my tale of woe. I really do wish more people would feel sorry for me, and so it's nice when every now and again somebody does, especially when it's a real life person.
  4. All of my far-flung correspondents. It occurs to me that I really do have an international posse, and that makes me feel very glamourous, in the way of Paris Hilton.
  5. The fact that I'm not, even though yesterday was lazy, in the depths of despair the way that I was last weekend. For the first time in recent memory I did not really have a Dark Saturday Night of the Soul. Now, it is true that it's difficult to have a DSNotS when one is watching Bring It On, but really, I do think I've turned a corner.
  6. The fact that I really do believe that I will finish the manuscript in the next couple of days and get it sent off to the publisher.
  7. The fact that I only have FIVE WEEKS LEFT! Of the semester that is. Woohoo! Light at the end of the tunnel! I see it!


Sisyphus said...

Hooray for progress! The tuna fish, not so much hooraying. The grilled cheese sandwich I could get behind if it were done right. I will raise a chip with salsa on it in celebration instead.

So how much more "bling" do you need to add to the manuscript anyway, oh glamorous one?

Dr. Crazy said...

The bling to be added:

1) about 3-5 pages to the first body chapter.
2) cleaning up of notes and bibliography.
3) One last editing pass.

I was going to do the 3-5 pages tonight, but instead I talked to my mom and then Trans Am on the phone. I should probably feel guilty about this, but I totally don't. Going out with Trans Am on Wednesday, though I've got to say, I've now learned that he's not adventurous when it comes to food, and this is a total deal-breaker. I mean, I know because of the part of the country in which I live I've got to accept an antipathy to sushi, but Indian food? Somebody who refuses to eat Indian food? I don't know about this. We whall see.

(He also thinks my favorite restaurant is too "frou-frou" for him. Not a good sign. And we're going to an upscale Olive Garden for dinner Wednesday, and while I do enjoy the upscael Olive Garden, I've got to say that I suggested a much better and more authentic Italian restaurant that he clearly wasn't into. Crazy no likee people who aren't adventurous with food. No, not at all.)

adjunct whore said...

me neither, food adventure a must. your posts are making me happy and since i'm in finish dissertation, fear for future, funk, this is good.


and i agree: only me or mom for certain comfort foods, though the older i get, the more it is my own cooking and less hers.