Monday, March 12, 2007

RBoC: Monday Morning Edition

  • Woohoo! 6 AM!
  • You know, that new Gwen Stefani song is really infectious, even as much as I think it pretty much sucks. I often feel that way about the music of GS. Like that whole "Holla Back Girl" song. Crap, but then I kind of loved it anyway. I hate it when I can't help but enjoy crap.
  • There are 13 things on my to-do list for today. There would have been 15, but I did two of them last night when I panicked about how long the to-do list is.
  • The high here today is to be 64 degrees. I may actually bare my legs to the world for the first time since October. I wonder where my black flats are...
  • So, my plan is that I'm going to go into the office at 8AM, work for a couple of hours there (need to write a quiz that I had forgotten I was giving today until a student emailed me to say he scheduled an advising appointment during class - note to students and to academic advisors for hire: this is totally unacceptable - and so could he make it up, which I'm sorry to say, no I'm not letting him do, as it says on the syllabus quizzes can't be made up and the thing's only worth very little to the final grade in the course) and then after my class I'm just going to head straight to my car rather than swinging by my office, as swinging by my office is often the thing that sucks away my entire day.
  • I think I may need to go someplace not my house to work this afternoon. I should probably plan this. Must know what I'm planning to work on at someplace not my house in order for such a plan to be effective.
  • You know what makes me really happy? Next week I have a conference week scheduled in lieu of classes in one of my classes, which means that I get a kind of mini-break after break. I am very wise in my syllabus-design. Sure, this means meeting with each student individually, so in many ways it's no break at all, but I'm going to be delusional and act like it is at least for now.
  • I also need to take my car in because the check engine light came on. (I don't actually think anything's wrong with the car - the light came on first because the people at the oil-change place forgot to reset it. They did the same thing last time, and I busted out the manual and reset it myself. Rather than doing that this time though, because it was like 12 degrees and I couldn't face being in the car to figure it out in the cold, I didn't do that, and then the light stopped being the flashing light that I could turn off myself and turned into the solid light of pain. Must deal with this, as maybe my car is actually broken and I don't know it.)
  • Mmmmm..... coffee really is delicious. What did people do before coffee?
  • I think I might be in love with Amy Winehouse.
  • In other music news, if you've not listened to the new Lucinda Williams CD, you certainly should. Also, I've been obsessed with Old 97s' Fight Songs for like the past 3 days. You know, I go through these phases where I need to listen to complete albums. The shuffle is great, but sometimes I actually like listening to an album, beginning to end. It's kind of like Joyce's Dubliners. Sure, you can teach "Araby" or "The Dead" or whatever on their own, but it's no substitute for the feeling you get when you read the whole collection, start to finish.
  • Why this post is so dominated by music stuff, I'm just not really sure, but apparently I've got a lot of music things on my mind. This may have something to do with the fact that a) I've been in writing mode, and I write with music and b) I've gotten back into the swing of working out, which also occurs with a soundtrack. Anyway.
  • "New Degree works with your body so you smell great when you need to the most." You know, I like smelling great all the time, if possible. This is not effective advertising for me.
  • Ooh! speaking of smelling great, I think I might wear my summer perfume today. It just smells so good, but it just seems wrong to wear it when it's cold. (Which is why I also have a winter perfume, which is equally as delicious smelling although in a totally different way.) And while I realize it's still technically winter, what with the spring-like forecast, and the fact that we are back to Daylight Saving Time, yes, I think that this is a plan.
  • Ok, having caffeinated sufficiently and written myself into awakeness, I think that it's time to shower.
  • Oh, but one last thing: Do you notice that I've posted more since I said I'd be too busy to post than I would post under normal circumstances? I notice this.
  • But wait, I'm not done yet. I notice that I never label my posts. I think I don't like labels. this is sad, since I was so excited about the possibility of them when I switched over from the old blogger. I just don't have the presence of mind to remember to label everything as I post it. I suppose I could go back retroactively and label things, but that seems like a big waste of time, as I don't think any of you are really using the labels to assist in your navigation of the blog. Or maybe I just need to come up with better labels to fit things? I don't know, I'll ponder this in the shower.

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