Friday, March 30, 2007

Classic Juxtaposition

Imagine that you teach racy - some (students, Republicans) might say pornographic - subjects.

Imagine that your department asks you to advertise courses on a bulletin board in the hallway for upper-level classes.

Imagine that your crazily controversial sex class (a new course that you invented, pushed through the curriculum process, etc., and which will be taught at this university for the very first time) is advertised right next to "The Bible as Literature."

(I didn't put the flier up in that particular position - a student worker did. Classic.)


AcadeMama said...

You couldn't ask for better positioning!! :-) If anything, they'll be offended/pissed off just enough to want to go find out more about this class...Not to mention all the closet-pervs (a.k.a. Republicans) who will actually sign up...I'm so going to get hate mail from Republicans now...(sighing with devlish grin on my face)... Besides, if they're 'truly' conservative, they'll already be offended by the notion o the Bible as literature.

Medieval Woman said...

You're going to get SO MANY STUDENTS! :)

Anonymous said...

ewwww on the bible as literature. i really dislike that designation. the bible is sacred text and should be studied as such. it's not a novel. i'm not saying it's not a novel because it's true. i'm saying you don't study it like you study...uhhh wuthering heights. you study it like you study the quran or the bhagavad gita. or the kama sutra. hehehehe.