Friday, March 09, 2007

Meow! Hello! It's Been So Long!

Well, not really. I know my Mama posted that picture of me the other day when she maligned my good name and reputation when all I was trying to do was to assist her in her life and work by awakening her with the birdies. That said, I've been feeling a bit blue. All of the attention that she used to lavish on me, she gives it all to some strange man who calls on the phone. All of the petting, the cuddling - I miss it. But so now she has tried to make it up to me by going into the bed (where I was fast asleep) and to read beside me. But I do not forgive so easily! Oh no. I do not. And so I leapt from the bed, and I stole away to this computing machine that she seems so fond of these days. It's time for the Man-Kitty to take over. It's time for him to get some of the spotlight - not just this Infatuation Person. And so I give you, well, me! Enjoy!


medieval woman said...

Hey - I like the multi-level Kittyscraper!

Kate said...

HI MAN-KITTY! You are looking especially fluffy today. I hope you have several good naps today.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Okay, the man-kitty is way too fucking cute! his adorable little pretty face! *dies from cuteness*