Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fraidy-Cat Crazy

I know it's time to go to sleep. I know, in my rational mind that I do not live in California and thus the Zodiac Serial Killer will not show up at my house. Also that probably the Zodiac Serial Killer is dead. That said, there could be some new Serial Killer in my location (perhaps inspired by the movie?) who could show up here, in theory. I know this is dumb. Tragically, I'm not sure what to do with myself if I don't go to sleep. (Oh, and I should mention, I'm tired.)

My Object of Infatuation is Exhausted and Not Fifteen Years Old, and thus he's no use in this problem. Even though I'm coercing him into emailing with me even though he would rather be watching Twin Peaks episodes. And I could watch another movie (watched Bridget Jones' Diary earlier) but that doesn't sound appealing. And I could read me some Potter, but I don't think I can handle Voldemort right now (Serial Killer extraordinaire). What is a Crazy to do? I've already done some reading of blogs, and I'm ... again, bored AND scared. This is the suckiest combination of things in the world.

Ooh! Another email from my Exhausted and Not 15 Object of Infatuation!

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Life&Times said...

In those instances, I used to (when I lived alone) turn on a movie, go get a blanket and pillow from my bedroom and sleep on the couch. Hope you got some sleep!