Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's That Time of the Semester

You know the time. The one where all but two of your students don't do the reading. And then you have to do the thing where you go all cold and mean and tell them to get out of your sight. And they're so shocked that they sit there for about two minutes before they realize you're not going to teach people who don't do their work.

But then you come back to your email and you realize you've gotten an email from Trans Am, so that was kind of nice, and you realize that you'll now have sufficient time to eat lunch before student conferences, so that's nice, too. Oh, and you saw a rainbow on the way to work, and I do think that's always a good sign of something, right?

So yeah. That's my day.

(Oh, I should probably mention that Trans Am called last night but I didn't talk to him, but so yes, he's being very attentive. I really, really love attentiveness. And just attention period, actually. This may be my tragic flaw.)

1 comment:

itinerarium said...

wow. that was so....inspiring. You're inches away from being a Disney afterschool special....That said, get your shit done, have Trans Am Boy pick you up and treat you right, and let me know how it all goes.