Monday, March 19, 2007

Master Procrastinator

Note to self: Don't kid yourself that going to the bank for the second time in one day (I finally got reimbursed for my campus visit), making a list of things to do with your book manuscript (but not doing them), and organizing papers to grade (though not grading them) constitutes doing work. In addition, don't think that you need to load all of the cd's you are loading into your computer in there. Sure, there were many that never made their way into your iTunes library when you bought the new computer in the fall, but this is not a pressing or urgent matter for this afternoon. In addition, you should not try to suck others into your web of procrastination so that you have company in your bad behavior. I know you want to, but it is very wrong. It also annoys people. Just like this blog post is annoying people you don't know. Because procrastinating people are annoying. Even to themselves. Even if they've mastered the art.

1 comment:

cipher22 said...

Reading about your procrastination makes me feel better about mine - definitely not annoying!!!