Monday, March 26, 2007

RIP Coffee Maker of Crazy

So my coffee pot used to be my grandmother's. I inherited it when we had to put her in a nursing home toward the end of her life, and she'd probably had it at least 10 years before that.

It's just your standard Mr. Coffee. Nothing special. Doesn't make particularly good coffee or anything.

But so this morning I"m making my coffee and I hear this sputtering sound and smell burnt coffee. Yeah, either the carafe has cracked or some other screwed up thing is happening, but I think it's time for me to break down and buy a new machine. This makes me feel slightly sad. Huh.


In other news, I didn't really do more work last night because I talked to my mom, Trans Am, and Medusa on the phone. Then it was time for the season finale of The L Word, and then it was time for bed. So today promises to be a long one, now made longer if I go and buy a new coffee pot, which I should do.


Dr. Medusa said...

That's terrible news! May I suggest a brand new shiny percolator to ease your pain? Best coffee EVAH.

jb said...

So sad! I'm sorry!

In recommendation news, I've been very happy with my French press, except that the coffee does get cold after a while. So maybe that's not your best bet.