Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of March

Today, the spring-like weather left, I behaved like a certifiable lunatic, I remembered just a second ago that this is also the anniversary of the Demise of my last Serious Relationship - which, I now realize, was 4 years ago and it's ridiculous I've not gotten back on the horse yet - which I remember not because it's the Ides of March but because Mar. 16 would have been my parents' wedding anniversary, and it struck me as oddly fitting that I'd always be forced to remember that breakup because of the proximity to the wedding anniversary of my parents who don't speak to each other.* I'm all kinds of fucked up today.

In other news, I think one of my students has a crush on me, I'm nearly caught up with grading, and today at work was generally not totally horrible, in spite of the fact that I forgot all of this crap I needed in order to teach my classes, so that meant winging it, and that means that I gave a brilliant lecture that is totally irretrievable and unreproducable, as it was entirely spontaneous.

*You know what, though? I think that I have a tradition of irrational and fight-picking behavior on this day. A few fuzzy memories are coming back to me.... Crap. May need to break out old journals to see if there is a pattern to my insane behavior.

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k8 said...

On a semi-random note, March 15th is also Buzzard Day in Hinckley, Ohio. I'm particularly fond of thinking of it this way since it is also my sister's birthday.