Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Day in Review

So. I posted a list this morning of all the things I would do. Let's take another look at that list. The items in bold are done:

  1. Travel $ requests for my summer travels, including begging letter to people not my department chair to try to squeeze a bit more cash out of the university (draft completed but didn't print it out and send the fucker. Tomorrow for that).
  2. Grading. Ever more grading.
  3. Meet with two students.
  4. Finish with friend's book so can write overdue review.
  5. Wonder why I'm considered an XX Scholar when I'm woefully underread in that area. Beat self up for not having read all those things people assume I've read, but then still don't read any of them. (This one's easy, as I do this most days.)
  6. Consider how I'm going to decide who to reject for the MLA panel. Edited to add: Am ruminating about proposing an additional special session with those who don't get on the allied org. panel, though I don't have high hopes for that panel going given the limited interest in the topic. Not sure if it's worth the work given that this is the case. Also, it's really not a terribly sexy topic - and we all know how the MLA loves a sexy topic. (Deleted long and winding ruminations about this item)
  7. Figure out what I'm doing in the class I'm teaching this morning. (I mostly know, but I need to figure out which activity I'm having them do, figure out how to manage to meet with each of them as they do that activity.)
  8. Make list of things to do for end of week (as week is getting out of control a little bit).
  9. Email. Ever more email.
  10. Prep for committee meeting and committee meeting.
  11. Prep for class tomorrow in which I'm teaching a novel I've never taught before (because I'm dumb and I think it's a good idea to put things on syllabi I've never taught before to "change it up" but at least I am very familiar with the novel and I did reread it already, and I've taught other texts by the author, so it's a matter of organizing ideas more than anything else.)
  12. At least go for a walk, but maybe go to the gym.
Now, looking at the above, it seems I've surpassed my 60% minimum, and so really, I could stop for the day. Actually, though, I think it would be better if I did do some of the "ever more grading" so as to be able to be done with it. It's only like 10 midterms. Yes, I should do that.

The rest, though, I think will wait for tomorrow.

Edited to add: I've got 4 or 5 more midterms to grade. Ugh. If I hear one more thing about "today's society," I might lose my mind. That's saying something, as I already have embraced a Crazy altar ego.

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Renee said...

Don't know what you will decide aboput the mla panel. the reason to do two is if you are still thinking about an essay collection. If you aren't, it's probably not worth the effort-- but if you are, I think it is.