Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Post from a More Sensible Crazy

So ok, I've been indulging in a bit of an infatuation, and while the object of my affections has been incredibly... incredible... it turns out that neither of us is 15 years old, we're both exhausted, and we're both (sadly) sensible enough to know that we need to do things like, oh, I don't know, write our books, do our jobs, sleep. This is not to say that the infatuation is over (though who knows - such things can disappear as quickly as they appear - which of course is why I've not assigned a pseudonym to the object of my affections, as he may not be around long enough to warrant one) but it is to say that there is no way for adults to conduct infatuations at such a fever pitch. In fact, that's why most people who indulge in the infatuations are teenagers - they have more time and more energy for such pursuits.

(That said, I'm actually kind of sad I'm not talking to the object of my affections right now. But that's just silly, as we really have talked quite recently, and I truly have absolutely nothing of any interest to talk to him about. All I could possibly have to report is fragments of bizarre and hilarious conversations that I've had with my friends on what else but the telephone - for I really have regressed to my teenaged self - and I'm not sure that anybody who wasn't actually participating in those conversations would actually find them so hilariously funny. You know, that reminds me - when I was an actual teenager I was in trouble with my mother CONSTANTLY for laughing too loudly while talking to my friends on the phone. It's probably a good thing I don't live with her anymore. But I ramble. The point here is that I really like the object of my affections and I like talking to him and so it distresses me that I can't just have what I want all the time.)

But so anyway, enough with the boy-crazy infatuation. Tonight I will go to bed like a responsible person, and then tomorrow, here's the plan:

1) I will wake up at 7-ish (or maybe 8AM).
2) I will make coffee and have my first cup while blog-reading.
3) I will don my Dissertation Tiara, hideous bathrobe, and my running-shoes.
4) I will work on the manuscript for at least two hours.
5) I will take a break that includes getting laundry going.
6) I will work on the review that I really must have completed by the end of this week.
7) I will catch up on some emailing that I have to do and that I've been ignoring.

See? I've not really lost my mind. I just had a wee little vacation from it. I am still the Beacon of Productivity in a world in which people Procrastinate.

(That said, I really am feeling all fluttery and teen-age-y. Perhaps I should listen to The Cure and write in my journal before bed? And maybe put some quotes in it that are totally rad and insightful in the front. Yep, I may rock the red journal old school. That sounds like TREMENDOUS fun :) )


The Combat Philosopher said...

Dr. C,
I am very sorry to hear that you are not 15 years old. All my illusions are shattered...[this is a joke].

Congrats on the new 'friend'. I really hope that it works out for you. I hope that M-K approves.

The CP

Hilaire said...

I just think it's so lovely to be able to go to that 15-year-old self for a bit.

And I love the giddiness and hilarity you are able to convey in your posts right now!

Brittany said...

I love that I'm not the only one who reverts back to early teen years when a situation like this occurs.