Monday, March 05, 2007

Waking Up, Warming Up

Well, the coffee is becoming coffee in the coffee-maker, and my eyes just popped open after what was an ok night's sleep (only ok because the Man-Kitty was a bit restless around 3 AM, and then around 5 AM, and of course, now he's happily asleep in my bed. Would that we all could have the M-K's schedule.

But so anyway, I'm about to embark on the real work of my spring break today. The plan is, loosely, the following.

  • Drink one cup of coffee while reading blogs and continuing the waking-up process.
  • Continue drinking coffee and type in all revisions and edits I've made over the past week. As I'm doing that, keep a running list if there are other things that I'd like to revisit when I look at the manuscript for the last time before I send the thing off.
  • Take a break for lunch.
  • Work on introduction chapter, which is really hideous at this point.
  • Go to the gym.
From that point, things get a bit fuzzy. But if I accomplish all of the above, it will have been an adequately successful day. If I can do more, then it will be a superbly successful day. We shall see.


It's 9:40 AM, and I've typed in about half of the changes that I need to type in. Doing this makes me want to crawl into my bed and take another day off. It's not that it's so bad exactly.... it's just that this sort of work is tedious and it also shows you how much you still have left to do. I hate that. But so I need to get through the second half of things. I think I might take a shower before starting - maybe this will give me some energy?

Also, I have a post brewing about being self-motivated and my writing process and everything else but the kitchen sink. I'm not allowed to write this post until I get my revisions typed in completely. I may not be allowed to do it until I've settled in with the introduction and made some strong progress. We'll see.

It's really sunny today, albeit not terribly warm. I may go for a walk outside in the sunshine rather than going to the gym. I think that might do me good.

Ok, back to work.


10:57 AM and I've completed typing in changes. So now it's on to the real and grueling work of actual writing, though I think I will take a bit of a break before embarking on that work - have some lunch, relax a bit, and then go for a walk. My aim is to settle in to work at around 2 PM, and to work solidly until 6 PM. At which point I will break for dinner, and then make a plan for either doing more work this evening or for relaxing, depending on where I end up. But now, time to eat something. I'm STARVING.


jb said...

Your scheduling method strikes me as very wise. As does checking in periodically with the blog--because accountability is such a bitch, when one is working on one's own.... I may borrow this technique one day, if I ever start seriously working again!

Sisyphus said...

Excellent progress at pluggin' away there! We, your virtual cheering section, are chanting encouraging things and spelling your name out with letters painted on our shirts, in your official colors, and generally being a rowdy enthusiastic bunch. ... we need more beer if we're going to be louder, though.

Mmm ... yes, some things would be more fun if they were like tailgate parties. Academic conferences, I think, would be infinitely better off.