Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Internet Cassanovas, Boyfriends from 20 years ago: Yes, I Do Have Crazy Friends

So, my friend A. just got out of a non-relationship with this guy. He had stalked her on Friendster, and courted her for months, pretended to be Mr. Open and Honest and Such, and then, after some intimacy, Disappeared. So apparently today, she did some exploring on MySpace, and realized that he is an Internet Cassanova. Oh yes, Mr. "Hey! I'm Bighead Fuckwit!" (and for Bighead Fuckwit you should insert his name, for this is a phrase he utters over and over again), is no novice to teh internets, and he is now shopping his wares on the MySpace, after disappearing from A.'s life. This, after he masqueraded as Mr. Open and Honest and Looking for a Relationship. Happily, A. has found some closure in the realization that he is an Internat Cassanova (her words - not mine). That said, fuck, "Hey! I'm Bighead Fuckwit!".

In other news, a friend who shall for the present time remain anonymous who is at an academic conference, who took herself out to a lovely meal and then took herself out for a delicious whiskey in the conference hotel bar, ran into some conference-goers from a steamboat convention that is taking place at the same hotel, over the same weekend. Over the course of the conversation, the steamboat people said, "I bet you don't know anything about the steamboat business," and she replied, "well, actually, I used to know somebody who was in the steamboat business."

To make a long story short, Her One True Love from College, whom she's not seen since 1988, may well be on the premises!!!!! Fuck!!! Who knew academic conferences could be so dangerous???

In other news, Crazy finished grading her midterms. It turns out, I'm the least Crazy in the bunch. Must go drink wine....

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itinerarium said...

My friends will never forgive me for confessing this, but we're working on the West Side Story of academia - the conference and Prestigios Ivy U where the academics and the vacuum cleaner salespeople get snowed in. Imagine the forbidden love triangles between academics and vacuum salespeople, and more importantly the choreography involving vacuum hoses and attachment possibilities. Watch out for Internet Fuckwits.