Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Time for a Break

Ok, so it probably shouldn't be time for a break. All I've accomplished so far today is the following:

  1. Went back to sleep.
  2. Talked on the phone.
  3. Glanced at my introductory chapter, felt demoralized.
  4. Mooned around like a 15 year old.
  5. Glanced at the chapter again, felt similarly demoralized, but have an idea of how I can fix it.
So now, I'm blogging. I'm thinking that I may need to go into the office, although I really was trying to avoid doing that until I was notified that I got some books I'd ordered through ILL. That said, there are a couple of books in my office that I need, and I need to give my chair some paperwork stuff, and well, it just might be good for me to go in. Except I don't want to. But going in would be better than mooning around here not really able to work because I don't have everything I need, right? Right.

So yes, I'm getting kind of a late start today, but all is not lost. I am both happy that the insane phone-talking won't continue past this week when my spring break is done and a little sad about it. I'd much rather be 15 on spring break than 32 and with responsibilities. 32 and with responsibilities is really not very much fun at all.

Incidentally, the Man-Kitty is NOT happy about my recent antics. He keeps looking at me derisively and then meowing for more attention. I'm a bad kitty-mama.

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