Friday, March 16, 2007

Productivity - Infatuation = Procrastination

I have spent my day today, rather than working on many of the things that I must complete immediately - like grading, a book, a review, prep - working on an advertisement and syllabus for a course that I will teach in the fall.

What is the course? Well, you'll have to guess from this image. The image is both disturbing and provocative, but curiously covered up and straight, don't you think?

In other news, I'm feeling very foolish for doing the Classic Crazy Flip-Out on the Object of my (former) Infatuation. I think I had a tantrum, like a kid who didn't get a nap that day. Let's ignore the fact that the CCFO happened between 6:30 and 9:20 AM. Comments from my friends to whom I told my tale of woe:

"You are your mother's daughter."

"Oh, I recognize this. It's that thing you do. That thing you do when you've been kept waiting just one second too long. It's a special skill, breaking up with somebody who isn't your boyfriend."

But so yeah. I'm procrastinating. Also, I make somebody amazingly queasy. At least the others who make this person queasy along with me are my peeps :)


New Kid on the Hallway said...

Damn, I'm offended that I don't make this person queasy! Because apparently I whine too much, so I'd like to make someone queasy along with that.

The questions that person asks in her first post are interesting though - that is, that we don't assume that authors are authorities on their novels, so why do we assume that bloggers know the most about how blogs function. I think there's a sort of interesting conflation of genre and content there. I'd suspect most novelists actually do have a very good working knowledge of how novels as a genre work, even if they shouldn't be taken as the last word on their own work. (isn't this why so often you have published authors who don't have Ph.D.s or even necessarily MFAs teaching creative writing at the university level?) Similarly, I suspect bloggers have a very good sense of how blogging works as a genre, even if they're not the last word on their own blogs. And, of course, as always, there's no one kind of blogging out there, content-wise; genre-wise, there are characteristics that they all share, but what people blog about varies so intensely.

I'm not sure that her response to academic blogs is quite fair, given her self-confessed discomfort with academic culture. But eh, what do I know. I'm just a self-absorbed whiner.

(Sorry, I should probably post this at her blog, but as you might have gathered, I'm feeling cranky, so decided to burden you with this instead!)

Dr. Crazy said...

It's great that you left the comment over here! Hi New Kid! My reaction was actually quite similar to yours. The one thing I didn't quite get, though, is why my blog made the person queasy. S/he never really said. Huh.

Ah well, others don't feel queasy, so I guess that's a good thing :)

History Geek said...

I hate a very biting comment all typed up for the queasy blogger but I thought better of it and deleted it.

I wonder whay their idea of 'good' blog is?