Thursday, March 29, 2007

What to Do? What to do?

Having pissed away my afternoon, I have some options:

  • Do tedious editing tasks that must be accomplished.
  • Work on MLA special session proposal.
  • Prep for tomorrow (though I think I know what I'm doing, so I'm not sure I really need to prep).
  • Go for a walk. (It turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon, most of which I spent napping. Damned allergies.)
  • Go to drugstore to buy some allergy meds, so won't be tired all the time. Maybe stop and buy a bottle of wine, too.
  • Drink wine, or have a beer, and watch television.
  • Bother people so as not to have to do work.
  • Ooh, I can call my mom! She's always available to be bothered at this time of evening!
  • Call Trans Am, which I should really do, but you know, I find I'm the sort of person who really doesn't call other people. I call my mom. I sometimes call my friends. But most of the time? Yeah, I just expect that people will call me. I think many people find this irritating, even though I'm quite an engaging conversationalist if people do call me.
  • Play with Man-Kitty (no longer under the weather but in fact quite awesome today).
  • Make a list of things to do in the next couple of days, thus readying myself for work even if I don't actually, you know, do work.
  • Send emails to people with whom I've fallen out of touch in a gesture toward rekindling friendships, although really it's a gesture that bespeaks procrastination.
I wonder which of these I shall decide to do? Hmmmm......

1 comment:

helenesch said...

I vote for allergy meds and wine (um, maybe not so good together?) And lists of things you can worry about later..

It's finally spring here, too, and it's about time!