Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ways to Avoid Work on a Sunday

1. On Saturday at around 6 PM, decide to have a companionable glass of wine with one's friend, A.
2. Talk to A. on the phone, whilst you both drink wine, for hours.
3. Write a blog post, which then inspires a conversation with another wine-drinking person.
4. Stay on the phone until like 6 AM. (Note to self: I am not 15 years old and I canot stay on the phone all night long anymore without serious consequences.)
5. Wake up around noon, realizing slept through two phone calls from my mother.
6. Call mother, to be lectured about staying up all night talking to boys on the phone. Also must listen to suspicious tone that indicates she thinks I'm lying about talking on the phone all night long.
7. Intermittently drink red pop, snack on cheese corn, and nap. Watch the end of Match Point. Watch in its entirety, for the second time, the movie Something New. No, I'm not kidding about that Something New movie. I also am not proud.
8. Drag self over to friend's house to feed her cat. Look for cat, though cat appears to have perfected the art of hiding. Hope cat is not in some sort of distress.
9. Realize that it's almost 5 PM. Consider eating lasagna. Write blog post.
10. Figure that, really, today is a wash, so should just do my best not to screw up tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Am drinking red pop right this very second!