Monday, March 12, 2007


It is just about noon. So far today I have:

  • Printed out the penultimate draft of the manuscript.
  • Written one quiz.
  • Taught one class.
  • Put together a conference appointment sign-up sheet.
  • Emailed all of my mentors about the job search conclusion (had been procrastinating about that).
  • Emailed my editor.
  • Printed out and reviewed all submissions for the MLA Panel. I think a few more may still trickle in. After looking at them systematically, I'm feeling very stressed out because I know I'm going to have to reject people who really have great ideas. The good news is that I won't need really to speak if I don't want to - so much good stuff in response to the topic. Weirdly, though, a couple of people actually cite me in their abstracts. I'm both flattered and a little embarassed.
  • Graded 2/3 of quizzes from one class.
  • Emailed a university office about scheduling something - or, rather, rescheduling it. (I'd been putting this off, too).
  • Made a vet appointment for the Man-Kitty (should have happened in December).
  • Emailed upper-level class to remind them that they have a discussion-board post due.
Why do I note all of this here? Because I am STRESSED OUT and also it's easier to be motivated when I get to take credit for accomplishing things on the blog. And also, any undergraduates who might be reading this? DO NOT FANTASIZE ABOUT BEING A COLLEGE PROFESSOR! YOU WILL BE VERY BUSY AND STRESSED OUT! IT WILL NOT BE FUN!

Ok, you can go back to whatever you were doing now. :)

Don't worry, everyone, I'm not back to report that I found a cure for cancer, found a plan for peace in the middle east, and started a school for children in Guam. I know my last post really was filled with the productivity, but if you want to know how that kind of productivity can be sustained, you must look at what I've done since then:

  1. Emailed with friends.
  2. Ate lunch.
  3. Did some reading prep for tomorrow.
  4. Made the poor decision to conduct #3 from the Bed of Crazy, which meant falling into a bit of a deep slumber for approximately 1 1/2 hours.
  5. Went for a long walk (3 miles) in my very hilly neighborhood. Sun out during walk, now cloudy.
In other words, I've only barely complished two items of many remaining on the To-Do List of Pain. Ah well, it's ok. I'll try to get a few more things checked off, and then I'll just move what I can't do onto tomorrow's list. Like I always say, as long as I get at least 60% of the list done, I've done ok. (Why I am happy with what amounts to D- productivity, I'm not sure, but you know, maybe by aiming low I actually get more done and don't feel as stressed out?)


Hilaire said...

Good lord, Dr. Crazy!

That is an *awful* lot of work accomplished in just a few short hours. I know you're stressed, but damn, you're also impressive!

phd me said...

Wow. If only I could get this much accomplished in one day, much less half a day.

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, you too can be Crazy if you work yourself up into a terrified frenzy about all of the things you need to get done.

And make lists.

And then post about what you're doing on your blog and have people compliment you on your productivity.

Thanks :)

Now I'm going to eat lunch.

History Geek said...

You make me feel down right lazy. *G*

Sisyphus said...

Look at all that productivity! Whoo-hoo! I can almost see the coffee from the earlier post percolating through your veins.

In other news, "penultimate" is just a lovely word. Especially when it means you are in the home stretch of editing something.

Good luck with the lists!

undine said...

Don't kid yourself--this is a lot to accomplish! I like the idea of being pleased by a "D-" in getting through a list.

Dr. Crazy said...

I'm telling you - the 60% rule gets a lot done. And also, once you have the original overly ambitious list, and then you move items you don't accomplish to the next day, you ultimately get everything done. How do you accomplish anything with a 4/4 load? This is how :)

helenesch said...

I like the 60% rule! I've never quite thought of it that way, but I find I get more done if I put on my list more than I really think I can accomplish in the day (the pressure helps!). Otherwise, I waste lots of time reading blogs (okay, I do that anyway...)