Sunday, March 11, 2007

An Embarassment of Riches

So I'm putting together this panel for MLA 2007, and for the first time in my (admittedly brief) history of putting panels together, I've got an amazing selection from which to choose. Smart, smart proposals, and I think that whatever I pick is going to make for a really cool panel.

This has me thinking about the whole "editing a collection" possibility again, though I realize that I probably shouldn't think about that as, really, aren't I doing enough right now? Am trying to chant the following mantra to myself in hopes of not taking on such a huge project: "You do not teach at a research university. You have a 4/4 load. You already do too much. You need to have things in your life besides work."

The problem is, I think this would end up being a VERY cool collection and I think that it would make an important (at least in a minor way) contribution to my field.

In other news, I'm hungry, and dinner's almost ready (made a big pot of chili so I can get back on the "packing my lunch for school" program), so I won't be hungry for much longer. I'm going to have one crazy week this week - a week diametrically opposed to the craziness of last week.

This week will include:

  1. Important Committee Meeting.
  2. Receiving a stack of midterms, half of which I must grade immediately in order to submit midterm grades for freshmen.
  3. Receiving a stack of 4-6 pg papers from another class.
  4. Teaching a novel I've not taught in a couple of years.
  5. Annual performance review meeting with chair (awesomely, I've already achieved one of my goals that I had listed for 2007. I'm beginning to think that writing things down really can actually make things happen sometimes.)
  6. Telling pseudo-supervisor that I'm ditching the quasi-admin thing.
  7. Stuff related to the Book.
  8. Write a review that was due last week (fuck!)
In other words, I may not have time to breathe, let alone to blog. But then, I often blog most when I don't have time to breathe. How to explain it?

Ok, dinner is served. Must go feed self before starve to death.

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