Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Happy, Non-Work-Related Post

So last night, basking in the elation I felt at finishing the last really hard thing I had to do with the manuscript, I was about to take myself off to bed. I should note that I haven't only been whining on my blog, but periodically I will send little messages to every person I've ever had an email address for looking for solace and assistance in procrastinating. (Most people don't respond well to this needy and bothersome behavior. Not that they respond badly, but they don't do what I want them to do. No, no they don't.)

But so anyway, I had sent one of my little notes out into the ether last night, and just as I was getting into bed, it bore fruit! Mountain Man called me on the phone! (I've actually talked to MM kind of a lot recently after a gap in communication. Not sure what's inspired the recent frienaissance - well, other than that we're both workaholics, which actually probably caused the gap in communication that necessitated the frienaissance as well... - but it's very nice indeed.) We had a cool conversation, and I somehow went to bed feeling like my life really didn't suck (in all other areas but the professional, of course, as really, my professional life is pretty great) and, I don't know... I just felt sort of nice and comfortable and unstressed out. Must bother MM more when I am in the low, overwhelmed, "what is this life I'm living anyway?" place.

Not that he's busy or anything, right? And I'm sure he's dying to listen to me whine about things. He's totally going to read this and be like, "Oh God. What have I gotten myself into?" He will also hate that I'm writing about him on my blog, I suspect, but I don't care. This is vague and I'm feeling all shiny and happy after talking to him last night, and so I feel like he deserves a shout-out for saying things to me that made me feel shiny and happy and relaxed when I've not really felt all three in combination in like a month. So yay, MM, and yay that on this rainy spring day the doom and gloom of recent weeks seems to have lifted!

Ok, must go grade, check on my kitty cat who seems to be a bit under the weather, and then go to campus.

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~profgrrrrl~ said...

Yay for Mountain Man. It's always great to have friends like MM to talk to, unwind with, etc. :)