Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well. Today has been not wildly productive but I'm certainly making a dent in my to-do list. Tragically, this is also making a dent in my pocketbook, as apparently most of what I've decided that I must do costs money. You know, I'm not normally this sort of person - this sort of high maintenance shopping till I drop sort of person, but this week - yes, I need to get myself under control or I will end up in debtors' prison.

But so you might be wondering what I've accomplished?

  • Ridiculously costly trip to Target. (May actually return to Target tomorrow to return some of my purchases, as am feeling a wee bit guilty.)
  • Made appointment for beautification (hair, nails, eyebrows)
  • Signed and delivered next year's contract; tied up some loose ends with travel reimbursement
  • Dealt with some odds and ends with bills
  • Thought about my conference paper (which I will begin to write today)
  • Bought delicious food for kitty-cat
  • Cleaned kitchen counters
  • Tidied up bedroom
I'm feeling immensely proud of myself. I should eat something, but I hate all of the food in my house. That really sucks. I think maybe I should take a nap. Hmmm.... that idea does have promise....

Update: And the productivity continues! I had a pathetic meal (don't ask), called to get some maintenance things done in my apt., napped, and now am about to begin in earnest on conference paper. Hurrah!

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