Monday, June 04, 2007

Is it wrong that I love this?

So, I wrote to a friend today the following (though it was in the context of a longer email, I hope obviously, as I don't just generally come out with the insecure enunciations with no context):

Am feeling incompetent, weird, disorganized, stressed out, and ridiculous all at the same time."

Here's the reply I received:

"but you're actually competent, weird, disorganized, stressed out, and quite nice.

all at the same time. "

While of course I did resist being called "quite nice," I've got to say, it's one of the favorite things somebody has said to me in a while. Although I feel like I'm not really all that disorganized either, just that I'm "creative" in my organization.


In other news, I made my big to-do list tonight for the next three days, and I also worked out this afternoon, and so I'm feeling much less freaked out and much less stressed out. We shall see whether this feeling of calm and tranquility carries over into tomorrow.

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