Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's On

Ok, just got off the phone with my friend J. Big plans are in the works, my friends, big plans.

Now, in case you don't have my summer plans in the forefront of your minds, let me remind you that I will be in the UK for two weeks in July. The thing is, the Man-Kitty stays with my parents when I go on major trips, and so I'm flying out of Hometown, which means that this will be a combo sort of a deal, in which I fly out of Hometown, do my World Traveling, and then return to Hometown where I will remain for about a week in order to visit with family/friends. Now, A. is in Hometown, as is J. My mother has already claimed the Friday and Monday of my Hometown visit for herself, but the weekend is (somewhat) free for some shenanigans.

And shenanigans there will be, my friends, shenanigans there will be. J. and I discussed it all tonight, and a plan is in motion that will have us rocking it old school like we did during the summer when we first became friends. First, we will spend the day at the beach. (And J., the Tannest Woman Alive, already has a contingency plan in place in case the weather does not cooperate. Her answer? "Well of course we'll go tanning! and maybe to the mall or something!") Then, we will go beautify ourselves, and we will go out that night. Our other friend H. will be out of town, so we won't have anyone to keep us in check. (We refer to H. as "Grandma" generally.) And when J. and I get together? Yeah.... it promises to be one wild day/night. And A. will be there, and probably Vision Board Sister, I suspect. And maybe we'll make A.'s Accidental Husband be our chauffeur for the evening! Woohoo! Love the Hometown friends!

Of course, I'll need to rest up sufficiently after my trip in order to rock it out that night, as remember: I'll be spending the final 10 days of the UK trip touring around with G., and that will involve (if past travels with G. are any indication) a good deal of drinking and craziness, too, in addition to the sight-seeing and walking, etc. And what am I going to take to wear on my trip? Must start thinking about my packing list!

And then, when that is done (you'll notice I'm not mentioning that I also need to write a conference paper before I do any of this traveling, but that's because I'm not facing that right now) I come back to MOUNTAINS of work, but also potentially a visit from Mountain Man (if he gets his shit together to just buy the ticket, which is annoying, as I'm clearly all about the planning of social engagements months in advance right now, even though I should be nicer because remember how long it took me to buy my ticket to London? Yeah that took like a month before I finally bit the bullet and did that, so even while I actually get it, I'm all "do as I say and not as I do" right now).

But so yeah, the conversation with J. tonight really lit a fire under my ass and has gotten me quite excited about the month of July, which I've not really allowed myself to be until now as I've been trying to focus on the work that I need to do in order to make July happen. But screw that! Maybe what I need is the motivation of all of this fun in order to accomplish things! Maybe this whole, "I'm going to be all responsible and thoughtful about work" business is totally not the way of Crazy! Indeed, perhaps the only way for me to actually do the work is to think about the pot of Crazy at the end of the rainbow!

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BBound said...

ooh, England is lovely in July! Very Midsummer's Night Dream, except with more beer.