Sunday, June 03, 2007

Getting a Late Start

Ok, so it's nearly 1 PM and I've done... yes, that would be absolutely nothing yet with my day. The problem is, I just want to be lazy. Is that so wrong? I mean, really. I know that the thing that I should do is to make a list and to then do the things on the list. What I'd rather do is not make a list and vaguely consider what maybe I should be doing and not do any of it. This is really not the way to take care of one's business. Maybe I'll go take a little nap and that will give me the energy that I currently appear to lack? (I should note that I just woke up from my first nap of the day, which I took from 10 AM to 12:25 PM.)

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Oh, sweet Lord of chocolate.

Are you me? Do I secretly write this when I am napping? Because you just described my day down to a bloody t.

And now, instead of working on the chapter of my dissertation that is due to my supervisor in about sixteen hours, I'm playing "let's follow a random links and see where the Internet takes me".