Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Later Start Than I Should Be Getting

Ok, so I had high hopes for getting my day underway in an efficient fashion this Sunday, but problematically, I'm an idiot who talks on the phone instead of doing what I need to do, and so now it's 1 PM and I've accomplished absolutely nothing. And I do have a great many things to accomplish, including household stuff as well as work on the conference paper that I apparently refuse to write. And I really can't continue to procrastinate in this fashion if I hope to have everything done that I need to have done. And yet - well, I am a procrastinator. This is the way of me. What is a girl to do? Perhaps I need to make a list. The problem, too, is it's a gloomy day and so I'm not terribly motivated, and after my morning of talking on the phone I feel like taking a wee nap. That would not be a wise decision, but I fear it's one I may make. Ah well. I shall check in later should I have any news or should I feel the need to record my progress. I know you're all on the edge of your seats :)

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