Monday, June 04, 2007

Can't Thing of a Title to Express My Angst

Ok, so today has been... weird. Not bad, not at all, just weird.

  1. I got an email from a reader who had figured out my identity (not tough to do, I know) and who wanted to alert me to a potential professional opportunity. A.) I love my readers! B.) I should totally just be out as Dr. Crazy because people really do respond to Dr. Crazy positively, but I have enough junior faculty paranoia still not to take that step. C.) Why is it that when I'm alerted to opportunities - not even actual things but just the possibility of something happening that might be good should I do some things - that I freak out?
  2. I got readers' reports back on a collection essay that's been languishing away for a good long while. Much work to do to address the reports, but although I was very fearful about the criticisms before reading them, I actually felt pretty good once I did read them.
  3. The combination of the above two things has actually made me into a crazy ball of stress, realizing all of what I need to accomplish between now and when I go away in July, and then all of what will be waiting for me to accomplish upon my return.
  4. Oh, and I glanced at my evaluations from the spring. Not as bad as I'd feared they might be. But still, just looking at them somehow added to the stress, too.
  5. Now it's time to go to the gym and sweat out some of this stress. And then I need to make one hell of a big list so that I actually do some of the things that are stressing me out.

1 comment:

Anne said...

Ok, doc, here's the thing: opportunities are terrifying.

You're right.

As usual.

A bientot!!!!--Anne