Monday, June 25, 2007

Crazy Times

Good morning, faithful readers! I am feeling quite chipper on this Monday morning in spite of the following:
  1. It is now day 4 of gray skies that threaten rain. And sure, we need rain. Except it's not raining. It's just threatening to do so. I resent the sky's empty threats.
  2. A certain Man-Kitty thought it would be awesome this morning to play the "Hey! Mama's feet are sticking out of the covers! I shall bat at them through the slats in the mission-style footboard, which is super annoying to her but which also means that she can't retaliate! Might I note that he is now in the bed sleeping? Asshole.
  3. I have many things that I must do on this day, most of which I don't really *want* to do. For example, I really don't *want* to deal with the Dining Room Table of Anxiety, which has piles of conference-paper-writing detritus littering it. But I must, as when one has visitors enter into one's home, it is wrong to make them absorb one's anxiety as it emanates from one's dining room table. Not very welcoming, or so I've heard.
  4. I suppose I should confess that I'm a wee bit nervous about the Visitor. Mostly I'm nervous in the way that one is before anybody comes to stay at one's house. You know, just the usual, "I'm a shitty hostess and I never really decorated my apartment" shit.
But so yes, in spite of all of the above I'm feeling quite chipper. One might put this down to the fact that I am a wee bit excited about the Visitor's arrival, in spite of any nervous anxiety that this also produces. Also, I got a great night's sleep, except of course for being awakened by the little furry paws of my M-K. And so now I'm drinking coffee, and when this is done I shall do my things on my list of things to do, and I shall be highly productive and then, well, I will have fun things to preoccupy me for the next few days! Hurrah! I may or may not blog during the Days of Super-Fun (as I've been thinking of them, in a whole, "if you send positive thoughts out into the universe than positive things will happen"effort), so don't be dismayed if there's a bit of silence through the beginning and middle of this week, though I'm not certain that there will be, as there may well be time for blogging even still. We shall see.

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