Sunday, June 03, 2007

Done-ish with that Conference Paper

It's true. Although I accomplished little today (other than being cranky with the PMS, paying bills (which also makes me cranky), eating chocolate, reading Star Magazine, watching the America's Next Top Model marathon, upsetting a friend with my crankiness, apologizing to friend for said crankiness, talking to another friend who did manage to make me a little less cranky for a second and a half...) I did also force myself to write all but the conclusion of the conference paper, and I've got a solid 7 pages, and I've made notes about the conclusion but have decided that I should let the thing sit overnight, print it out, edit what I've got, and then write the conclusion from there. That said, if I for some reason could do nothing but print the paper out and go to the conference, I could spend 1/2 hour right before making last-minute changes, give the thing, and feel like it was a totally acceptable paper. Which means, if you're me, that you have (basically) finished writing the stupid paper and that you are done(ish) and so now you can focus on other things.

What other things shall I focus on this evening? Well. It's funny you should ask. I believe I will focus on watching the MTV movie awards, giving myself a mani/pedi, and making my to-do list for tomorrow (which will also make me cranky, but whatever).

Sorry to be such a grump. I have this fantasy that someday I won't be a complete bitch 3 days before I get my period, but I think that is just a fantasy.


Working said...

Hee - I had a similar day, except that I was flipping between HGTV and the Bridezilla marathon.

Earnest English said...

Amazing that you got your conference paper done -- not only with time to spare but on a lazy Sunday when feeling grumpy. You are my hero!