Sunday, April 29, 2007


Strangely, a lot has been going on over the past 24 hours or so even though really nothing has been going on. Not sure how to blog about it, so won't really, but suffice it to say that all of what's been not going on has me doing some thinking and reflecting about a lot of stuff. This has led to journal-writing, not to blog-post-writing. Also has led to rereading - something I do in times of reflection (and in times of procrastination, for no, I've not begun with the Big Stack of Grading). And the kind of rereading I'm talking about is rereading for insightful quotations type reading, a habit in which I try not to indulge too regularly. Not a peep from CG, and after doing some reflecting about him, I'm thinking that ship has sailed. Oh, I think I'll ultimately hear from him, but I don't think he's for me. I think I did give it a solid try, though. So this week, grading and exams. Friday, parents come to town. Time to transition into the summer. Time to finalize plans for trips, for conferences, for what have you. Time to make a list and check it twice and get down to business.

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